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My Birthday

I’ve been really busy writing and transforming it into book format.  Only two more weeks of school and then I can stop putting aside my book to do trigonometric functions and essays.  I want to tell my teachers, “I just want to write!”  Also today, my birthday, I got some awesome business cards.  Will be passing those babies out… spreading the word a bit.  Look for more new and exciting things coming!

New Site!!!!!

Hey everyone!

  I have a new site!  It’s WAAAAAAYYYYY cool!  Check it out here!  You can find it under my last name dot net.

Dance Show

Hey!  I had my school dance show yesterday………..I was in eleven dances!  It was so much fun, but today, I am pretty much in a coma and can’t move.  But it was TOTALLY worth it!  After my show, I had about three or four people come up to me and tell me that I was “an incredible dancer”.  One very nice girl told me, “I know you don’t know me, but I just HAVE to tell you how amazing you are…….I mean, REALLY.  Everything, EVERYTHING was so incredible.  You are AMAZING.  I just saw you walking out and said ‘oh my gosh!  I have to tell her’!”

Pretty nice of her, huh?  It really meant a lot to me.  I love dance so much and didn’t freak out trying to be all perfect and not forget stuff or anything………I just let the music carry me through the show and displayed my love of dance! 

Keepin’ the writing up.  I just finished a section on one of our friends, Casey, and how he visited me.  It was fun to write because it literally flowed out of my heart and I didn’t even need to think.  When your soul writes, and not your mind, it’s a beautiful thing.

Catchin’ up


Been SUPER busy!  School, dance, writing!  Have a dance show tomorrow and I’m going to be dancing for pretty much 12 hours!  Heaven.  I have a surprise for all of you that I’m going to tell you soon!  HATE to leave you wondering!  Oh, well!


Hey everyone!

LOVE my messages!  Thanks!  Wrote a lot today…….mostly about my second round of chemo.  TONS to write about.  I could make a book out of each day these past two years.  But then, Iwould be probably 100 (or dead) by the time I finished!  So I’ll squish it into one for ya, k?  Take care everyone!  Happy Mommy’s Day!

Year Anniversary!

It is the one year anniversary of my end of treatment tomorow!  Cancer free for a year……life is good.  I am blessed beyond belief.  Gonna have to celebrate somehow! 🙂  Thanks for all of your support!

Grace – Cough Medicine Excerpt

I wish that my mind could be permanently wiped clean of the memories of my cough medicine. I want so much to be able to see that little, evil, orange bottle in the cabinet and not involuntarily shiver and cringe. Imagine the most rancid, disgusting substance on planet earth and multiply it by 1,000. Wah-lah! My cough medicine. I can recall myself scrunched up in rollie-pollie position while I desperately downed Hall’s and warm tea…nothing worked.

copyright by Melinda Marchiano, author of Grace

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