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Melinda Marchiano

March 2008

March 2008

March 2009.................................What a difference a year makes.

March 2009.................................What a difference a year makes.

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  1. uncle sponge said:

    hi spongey! it was SO totally awesome seeing you sunday! after not seeing you for so long, you were a sight for sore eyes (is that the right way to say it? well, you know what i mean). and with my sore eyes, you just looked so great! you even sound so great! you even act so great! hey, i guess that’s just because you ARE so great!

    i TOTALLY “ove ya,” sponge – and now the whole world knows! you’re the BEST!!!!!

    uncle b

  2. Callie said:

    You have such a phenomenal story, and I am so glad you are writing it! We are all so lucky to have you in our lives!

  3. Carolyn Abernathy said:

    Hi Melinda!!!

    WHAT an AWESOMELY EXCITING thing to read about your book!! Just wait, Melinda!! Your book will touch people’s hearts and lives BEYOND what you could EVER even imagine!!!! You’ll have to pinch yourself to even believe it’s true!! WOW!! OH WOW!!!!

    I know the Lord will guide you in EVERY word you write….and we ALL KNOW…His GRACE is SO great upon you!!!

    You’re so beauuuuu-ti-ful, Melinda!! You’re so awesome!!

    Hallelujah Blessings, Prayers, Smiles and…..GRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dr. Carolyn

  4. Miranda said:

    You inspire me so much! I am so thankful to have you in my life. Your book is going to be absolutely amazing!!

  5. Melinda…
    The smile that lights up your face, each gesture of your head as you dance, and your ever-selfless disposition bring joy to my life. In your presence is a simple JOY! You inspire me to enjoy life as I see you constantly do and i love you for all you have given to everyone around you. For each ounce of loveliness and artistry you display by dancing, I’m sure is an equal part for writing, which you will be amazing at portraying through your book. You are a wholesomely amazing person, I am enlightened and inspired by the trueness of your heart!

    a plethora of love,

  6. Dear Melinda,
    Oh my gosh Melinda you are a true gift of happiness to me and everyone that surrounds you from God. Everytime I see you, you are smiling which makes me smile. You are such an inspiration to all you surround. Espcially me! You have overcome the impossible. When you dance it is like an angel from heaven dancing! Oh my goodness you are soooo beautiful at it! At dance if I am having a bad day you always brighten it up with your kind words and love. You have soo much love in your heart that you share with me which I am thankful for. I couldn’t live without you! I hope your family is doing well and you of course! I love you Melinda!!!


    P.S. I love your blog!

    P.S.S. Once your book comes out I am going to buy a plethora of copies!!!! 🙂

  7. Melinda,

    You were so completely awesomely beautifully graceful tonight (as always). I hope you are snoozing away and getting some rest after all that hard work.

    Not only was your dancing stunning but the number you choreographed was stunning – my oh my, what talent. The future looks very bright from where I was sitting!

    Love you!

  8. Melinda Marachino (cherry) :),

    You inspire me every day and whenever i see you, you leave a lasting impression!!! You are soo amazing at dance and just living life to the fullest!!! I am soo happy that you came to the academy and that we have become friends!! I cannot wait to read your book!!!

    Love always from my heart!
    Ali ❤

    P.S. you are the cherry on top of a good day!!!

  9. Melinda, I am truly touched by your incredible story. I am thinking of you as an inspiration for me. You came to my school last month, Mesa Middle School. Thank you so much for taking the time to see us! I loved your book and wish I could buy a copy for myself, but sadly I am broke 🙂
    I am going to do a book report on Grace, and I am not the only one that wanted to! I know you will continue to inspire people every. After reading your book, I felt like I really knew you as a person. You ARE that good of a writer!

    • 1ballerina said:


      Thank you for your beautiful message! It makes me very happy to read your words; thank you so much! I am sending you my very best wishes for your book report:)

  10. Anonymous said:

    you inspired me

  11. Anonymous said:

    my teacher said to write a book about someone who inspires people and i picked you!! i loved your book!! it makes me want to do something

  12. Anonymous said:

    you are my mentor…you are an amazing person and you are very humble. you mean a lot to be and incourage me to do more…thanks!!!!:)

  13. Anonymous said:

    i recently just read your book. i was in tears at the end. you inspire me.

  14. […] funds for cancer research.  I clicked on the link to find that he was doing this run in honor of Melinda Marchiano, who fought and won her battle against Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 13, in memory of my […]

  15. Fred Lesser said:

    Hello Melinda:

    I appreciate you being so open and telling everyone about your amazing story. I am trying to help Make-A-Wish Foundation in Philadelphia and raise money.

    Me and my group are in the beginning stages of coming up with a marketing and PR plan. If you could email me with any suggestions of how to get people aware or whatnot that would be so helpful!

    • Hi Fred,

      Thank you so much for your heart to help Make-A-Wish kids. My name is Lee; I am Melinda’s mom, and I help her with her communications so she can be the serious student and advocate that she is:)

      One suggestion I have is to find Wish Kids in your area. People respond with open hearts when they actually see a Wish Kid and hear their story. Having Wish Kids at your event really does make a huge difference. Hearing their stories and seeing them with our own eyes really has a strong impact.

      We work closely with Make-A-Wish Tri-Counties and have contacts at National Headquarters in Phoenix. We will be happy to help you in any way we can!

      With our sincere appreciation,

      Lee and Melinda

      • Fred Lesser said:

        Thank you so much for the pleasant response.

        We will certainly look into any Wish Kids in the Philadelphia Area.

        We are still in the beginning stages of getting our group name and Make-A-Wish Foundation’s name out as much as possible and we believe you and Melinda will be able to help us out so much.

        Would it be possible to contact you through email?

        Please let me know whenever you can, thanks.

      • Yes:) melinda@melindamarchiano.com

        Sending our very best “Wishes”!

  16. Hi my name is Kim Hutton I would love to have a copy of your your book so I can read it I don’t have cancer but I have a disability and would to get free copy of your book

  17. And i wanted to know how u do such great things like giving motivational speeches. WHen i see small children suffering i feel very bad. IN india often life is very pathethic. Will u help me it would be very-very kind of u. DO u know for i did so many internet surfing to find out people who have accomplished something after recovering from this ememy but i hardly found any. AT last i found u. Currently i am writing a short story on my experience to take part in commonwealth short story competion 2015

  18. Hi Varun. How wonderful to receive your kind message! I want to encourage you to write your story and share it with others. You will be amazed by how sharing your story will help other people.Please know I support you in what you are doing! I send you my very best wishes and continued encouragement for the future.

  19. Chris Goss said:

    Hi Melinda, Years ago(?) on TV I saw a story of girl with a courageous smile named Melinda, fighting cancer. The smile I remember has been my inspiration and shield during life’s tough moments. I never knew how the story turned out, but told countless people about it. The power of one child’s courageous smile launched a thousand ships. Are you the Melinda I may have seen when you were in chemo? I can’t remember the network or the show. But I stumbled onto your story online today. Tears of joy. Thank you.

  20. Hi Chris!

    This is Lee, Melinda’s mom. I manage this site for her while she is a busy student at Pepperdine University. Your message comes at a terrific time! I read your comment just before going into the Smother’s Theater to watch Melinda’s first performance for Dance in Flight, and it brought me to tears. We never really know how our lives affect others, do we? Your kindness & thoughtfulness in taking the time to write means everything! I read your comment to Melinda before her second show on Friday night. She cried tears of joy.
    Also on Friday night, I shared your comments with Melinda’s Child LIfe Specialist, Jaynie, and nurse from Cottage Hospital, Pam, who came to see her dance.
    I believe what you are referring to is a vignette Melinda did for Children’s Miracle Network during her treatment.
    Could this be what you saw?
    The women on the bed with the pink scarves are Jaynie and Pam!
    How the story has turned out?
    Melinda pours her heart into dance, writing, and advocacy for cures for childhood cancer.
    She will be speaking in a couple of weeks in Washington, D.C. at the National Academy of Science’s National Cancer Policy Forum: Workshop on Comprehensive Cancer Care for Children and their Families.
    Finally, words cannot truly express the gift you have given by sharing your heart.

    Thank you from our hearts,

    Lee and Melinda

  21. Chris Goss said:

    Dear Mrs Marchiano, My apologies for taking so long to reply to one of the happiest, dearest letters I’ve ever received. Perhaps the dearest one of all.
    I travel extensively for business and it’s been a fantastic, busy year but honestly, my hesitancy was due to being humbled. I felt I could not fit another iota of joy, insight or hope to the news that you wrote me…
    But I’ve finally gathered the serenity to share that are more details and magic involved with what ‘the smile of courage’ has brought to me. It’s a story of Faith, Love, Hope and most importantly, God’s light that is growing faster and brighter than the darkness that seems to be prevailing of late. And I intentionally use the word ‘seems’.
    I’ll be in touch soon to share a series of astonishing events that have occurred. I don’t mean to be mysterious or elusive here; “Dancing in Flight”– my jaw hit the floor. It’s just too profound and beautiful a story to share with Melinda and you until I feel it’s worthily presented.
    On that note, please pass my best to Jaynie and Pam too, and thank them as well.
    In the coming weeks, I would like to tell a story to Melinda and to the whole world about the power of Love. I will of course only share it after you’ve all heard it, approved it and granted it your blessing.
    Thank you, God Bless You,
    Chris Goss

    • Dear, dear Chris,
      Now it is my turn to be breathtakingly humbled. And yes, it has taken me a couple of days to process what you have written. Truly, there are no Earthly words to respond. What there is– in abundance– is joy! We cannot wait to hear what God has done in your life; we cannot wait to hear your story of Faith, Love and Hope! What our world seriously needs right now are stories of the power of love. Yours sounds like it is a magnificent one!
      When the time if right for you… our email is marchiano@charter.net
      With gratitude and joy,

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