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One Year Check-up

No hypermetabolic activity!!! In other words, the PET scan I received yesterday showed no return of cancer. I am grateful beyond words can describe and I pray that with each passing year, I can become even more thankful that nothing has returned. Yesterday was a busy (and exhausting) day at Cottage Hospital, with an echocardiogram, pulminary function test, CT/PET scan, and blood test and check-up at the clinic. Had to drink that lovely (NOT!) oral contrast that is mentioned in one of my excerpts, got a radioactive sugar compound injected, and dye put in me…yeah…felt a little polluted and sick afterward. Oh well. The good news is definitely worth it. The book. I’m a writing machine these days. I am a good two-thirds done and getting closer any day. Just wrote a really funny part…I think you’re gonna love it. That’s all for now! I apologize for my lack-of-posts lately! Look out for new excerpts!

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