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Finalizing Endorsements and ARCs Soon

For all of you seasoned authors out there, you guys have this all down…  I am still recovering from the startling fact that a book needs to be raised after you are finished writing it.  But, believe it or not, I have emerged unscathed and actually quite perky from the endorsement phase of book raising.  I am very, very happy that we were able to finalize the paperwork for “The Cheese!” and this endorsement will be on the cover of the ARC for Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery, along with Jeff Foxworthy’s very kind and thoughtful quote. 

I appreciate the doctors who took the time to read what I sent, the cancer foundations who responded with positive encouragement, the celebrities who surprised me with their warmth, and each and every person who supported my project with an endorsement!  It was such a successful endorsement campaign that I have been forewarned of “Endorsement Fatigue.”  I guess that this refers to readers inability to cope with reading endorsement after endorsement.  My thought is that it is better to gather too many and pick the ones we like best.  Promise I won’t “fatigue you!”

There are a few more “floaters” out there that I would love to bring in.  Hmmm… calling all floating endorsements!  Front and center, please !

And then come ARCs!  The end of May… the end of May. 

This is fun.  Yes, this is really fun!

Church for Life, Greenleaf Book Group, and Great America Dance Performance

Hi, hi, hi!

I have been just a little tiny bit busy:)  On Saturday, I traveled to Santa Clara, to perform with San Luis Jazz at Great America.  I had never been there before, and it reminded me of Disneyland without the characters.  I love performing, and I love the dancers who I perform with, so it was a great day!

And the weekend continued to get even better when I had the opportunity to share what God has done in my life at Church for Life in Santa Maria.  I still feel filled with bunches of God’s love.  Don’t you just love that?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And today… today…  my mom got an awesome phone call from Greenleaf.  My book, Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery  will now be distributed by Greenleaf Book Group.  It’s kind of like when you expect a normal hotel room, and you get upgraded to The Penthouse!  I am excited, excited, excited!!!!!!!!!!

“The Cheese” Endorsement, Relay for Life, and Johnny Tan

Hi!!!!!  Have you wondered where the heck I have been?  Guess where?  The first ten guesses don’t count!  This may surprise you, but I have been dancing and dancing and dancing… jamming my homework in between rehearsals and performances. 

Today, a very exciting email arrived from the kind manager of “The Cheese.”  He asked me to call him, and he told me that he has “The Cheese’s” quote for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Unfortunately, when I returned his call after school, he had already gone home for the day– New York time.  I guess I have something to look forward to tomorrow!

Last week, Deb Jeffers from the American Cancer Society called to ask if my mom and I would speak at the Luminary Ceremony at Nipomo’s Relay for Life on May 1.  Mom had plans to go out of town that weekend, to meet up with some high school friends, but we both feel the strong desire to give thanks for my life… and what better way than sharing hope with others who have suffered through cancer, or who have helped loved ones through treatment and recovery.  We will be speaking at 8:00, on May 1st, at the Nipomo Relay for Life.

Over the weekend, I received an email reply  from Johnny Tan.  He has had an amazing life, and I can’t to read his book, From My Mama’s Kitchen.  From what I know, his book is about his mothers (8 of them I believe,) and how they each influenced his life.  He has a talk radio show, FMMK, and I will be joining him for an interview on June 29th, at 10:00 am, Central time.  After learning about him on his website www.frommymamaskitchen.com, I told him that I am going to begin working on getting my very own radio show– so I can interview Johnny!  Lance too!

Nobel Prize!

Does anyone happen to know who Dr. Lee Hartwell is?  If your brain is clicking, you might be guessing he has something to do with the title of my post.  Yes, Dr. Lee Hartwell is a 2001 Nobel Laureate in medicine.  He has done some amazing cancer research, and I am beyond excited when I read about what his research interests are, and the medical advances he has contributed.  With people like Dr. Hartwell working to end cancer, cancer better run and hide somewhere in a deep, dark hole. 

Are you wondering why I am telling you about Dr. Hartwell?  Dear, kind Dr. Hartwell sent me a beautiful endorsement today for Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery!  I am very grateful that he would took the time to look at what I sent to him, and that he responded in such a thoughtful way.  I am so motivated to follow in his footsteps, and I know I will have to “apply myself!”  (This is what I always say to my brother, Dean, when he leaves for college… “Dean, I want you to apply yourself!” )

Crackin’ those books…

Slightest Movement Dance Performance

Tomorrow, at The City Playhouse in San Luis Obispo, I will be (very, very, very happily) performing with my fellow Civic Ballet dancers at 6:00.  Rehearsal yesterday was funny, because there was a huge rug taped to the floor that we are not allowed to move until the theater’s previous show removes its “prop.”  Unfortunately, their “prop” was a big problem for anyone who wanted to have a dance rehearsal– twisted ankles and broken legs just aren’t a good thing before a performance– or anytime!  Hmmm… a life challenge in the form of a rug… fascinating.

Last night, after rehearsal– or what was meant to be rehearsal– I went to meet Julie Campbell at the beach.  She is the talented photographer who shot my “Waltz of the Flowers” ballerina photo, and she is very kindly helping me create an “Author Photo” for Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery.  I joked with her, that I thought I should stand in a study filled with books and hold a pipe in my hand while I gaze at the massive library surrounding me.  We had some seriously hearty laughs, and after more than three hours of photos, my cheeks hurt, and my mouth was so pasty that it reminded me of those “oral contrast” days.  Pretty soon I will have a new mug shot.  Thanks Julie, for your kindness and patience while working with this giggly subject.

Cover Design and Endorsements!

My friends, I am one excited person.  We finalized the cover design for Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery today… I am in love with my book cover!  My mom and I were joking, as I spurted my excitement about this, that I am going to have to change my “relationship status” on my Facebook Page from “single.”  We even took it a step further, imagining changing from “single” to “in a relationship” to “engaged” as my love for my cover grows!  It won’t be long before I reveal the book cover mystery:) for all to see.

I am very, very happy that endorsements are coming in each day from places where cancer patients can receive support.  Some of these organizations have even been so kind that they forward my information to other people, and foundations that they think will be interested in my story!  Now how nice is that?! 

So, even though my trip to the doctor’s yesterday revealed that I have a sinus infection and a touch of pneumonia, I have a big smile on my face, and a huge dose of gratitude growing in my heart.  I am grateful for the blessings of today!

Cover Design Comps!

Today is the day that the cover design comps for Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey through Cancer and Recovery arrived from Sheila at Greenleaf!  Yes, yes, yes, I am excited!  She has given me a variety to consider, and I am happy I have a little time to consider each one.  Has it been difficult for you authors out there to choose, when it comes time to decide on your cover?  What things do you consider when choosing?  Is universal appeal a good thing, or would you narrow your images more specifically to your subject matter?  I guess that my “subject matter” covers quite the broad spectrum, so perhaps “universal” is good?

I had tricky ideas yesterday for April Fools Day, but I decided that it was best if I went easy on you.  Another deciding factor, sometimes the April Fooler turns into the April Foolee… just was not up for playing the part of being the April Foolee!

Tell me, tell me, what makes you like a book cover?  Decisions, decisions.  Fun decisions!

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