A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer


I’m so exctied!  School is out for the summer!  That means I get to write and dance and write some more and dance some more!  YES!  Heaven!  Had a great day at dance today.  I’m starting to get a lot stronger.  Oh……almost forgot!  I auditioned for the San Luis Obispo Civic Ballet a couple of weeks ago and I received the news on Friday that I was accepted!  Wow.  Never would I have imagined even six months ago that I would be dancing with a company.  I am blessed.  I not only LOVE dance from the bottom of my heart but apparently, others think I’m pretty good at it (hahahahaha)…..everyone wins!  I will have more time to update my site now, so look for new stuff! 

P.S.  I now officially have over 50 pages typed and in book format.  Probably around 150-ish are written….maybe closer to 200!

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