A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

This is Melinda’s mom, writing to share some reader responses to Melinda’s book, Grace


“I’ve never read anything so heartbreaking and uplifting all at the same time.”

“Courageous and inspirational!”

“Anyone faced with severe illness should be buoyed by her attitude. Her ‘Grace’ under pressure is so uplifting.”

“I can tell you first hand as an educator that Melinda’s writing is marvelous and the story she tells will remind you of how trivial our day to day concerns truly are.”

“I am amazed by this teenager.”

“Melinda writes with a maturity hard to believe.”

“Melinda tells the story of her experience from a first person perspective in a heart warming and often humorous way.”

“What an eloquent tale of struggle, salvation, and LOVE.”

“Melinda’s message about depression is most important!  We hear of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that our service personnel suffer, but seldom about the same trauma affecting the survivors of major accidents, surgery, or childbirth.  If Melinda’s message to the Teddy Bears and other support groups, hospitals and medical staffs, the families and friends of survivors, lead to the awareness of the danger and procedures to alleviate this horrible trauma, she will have done a wonderful thing.  We must add ways to allow treatment for patient’s mental health, and improve the information available about side effects of medication.  Melinda has rendered a noble service.”

“Such an amazing testimony!”

“Melinda’s story is an inspiration for millions.  She made me laugh and cry throughout the entire book.”

“Melinda is an amazing writer, a great storyteller, wise well beyond her years, and her book is sure to help many people.”

“Under her life-threatening ordeal, Melinda writes with such honesty, and a flair for humor, and has a real talent for putting pen to paper.  She is just a remarkable young woman.”

“LOVE IT!  Oh my!  It will be on the New York Times Bestseller List in no time!  I am not kidding.”

“Melinda’s writing is superb, and the content is engaging and inspirational.”

“Melinda is one amazing young lady!  To suffer through cancer like she did, and then write such an articulate, moving, beautiful book about it at such a young age!  Wow!  Melinda is wiser than most adults I know.”

“Melinda stirs in me so many emotions and touches my very soul.  I’m struggling now emotionally more so than when I had cancer.  Why am I sharing such personal struggles?  Melinda’s book made me face them and examine why I still feel so vulnerable and afraid.  Grace is already starting to make a difference, even with adults.  Melinda’s book pushed me to call the Cancer Center and ask for a referral for counseling.  It gave me the courage and the hope to finish putting my body together, including my heart, so I can be whole again.  Thank you, Melinda, from the bottom of my heart with tears of gratitude.”

“I am totally amazed, bordering in shock.  Unbelievable!  I have to know her secrets.  It is hard to believe that a 14 year-old girl can articulate the way she can.  And couple that with her sense of humor.  Wow!  I am in total awe!”

“Her story is one I hope everyone will read.  It is written with the most adorable humor and about a child’s pure faith and hope in God hearing her prayers.”

“I have learned so much from her brave decision to share her innermost emotions.  Melinda is a true gift to this world.  She is a talented writer-her book is compelling and energizing to read.  Her passion for life and finding good in others and herself is powerfully broadcast throughout the entire book.”

More to come…

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