A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

What an awesome weekend for Melinda!  On Saturday, she auditioned at the San Francisco Ballet for the Pacific Northwest Ballet intensive  summer program.  Ever since the audition, she will get a heavenly look on her face, and tell me, “That was soooooooooo much fun!”  After the audition, we traveled to Sacramento to see her brother, Nicholas.  We attended his amazing church with him on Sunday, and then he gave us a tour of Sacramento State Hornet Racing, and the mechanical engineering department.  Very, very cool! 

And today, Melinda enjoyed meeting Bryan, her Greenleaf project manager, on the phone.  Among the things they discussed is the addition of photos to Melinda’s new edition of Grace.  Also, Melinda turned in her manuscript to Greenleaf today.  Telling you that Melinda is excited to begin this project is an enormous understatement!

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