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Were you watching American Idol last night?  Wow, wow, and I am not talking about the show itself!  What a surprise, and somewhat of a shock, to see the www.fight2win.org commercial asking for funding for research for Hodgkin’s disease.  The girl in the hospital bed looked just like I did two years ago!  What Alese began with this site is a fruitful seed that will help many other children… I am joining her in this quest for healing knowledge.  While she directs the quest from heaven, I plan on lending my helping hands here on earth.  Join me.

Comments on: "Hodgkin’s disease Commercial during American Idol" (2)

  1. Hi! I googled to find out who put out that commercial and your site came up. I’m a 12 year survivor myself and was shocked to see a commercial for hodgkins…shocked in a good way! I kinda got teary eyed and my husband was amazed too! Good to see awareness is popping up for it! Hope you are well and cancer free!

    • 1ballerina said:


      Thank you so much for your message! I am so happy to hear that you are a 12 year survivor! It never, ever gets old having someone telll you that they are a survivor, does it?! Thank you so much for reaching out to me. We really do need to join together to stop cancer!
      My very, very best wishes to you always!

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