A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

Now that Melinda has completed the photo selections and permissions for the new edition of Grace, she is working on obtaining book endorsements.  With all of the “Lance stories” in Grace, not to mention the treasured inspiration he unknowingly blessed  Melinda with during her cancer battle, Melinda would love to have Lance Armstrong endorse her book.  Just wondering if anyone out there in cyberspace might be, say, having dinner with Lance this evening?  How about riding with him tomorrow?  Okay, how about, is there anyone out there who can ask Lance if he will read an amazing book, written by Melinda Marchiano about her journey through cancer and recovery?  If you read this, Lance, thank you again for signing Melinda’s port jar…  it still makes her happy!  Hope the story about you makes you chuckle…

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