A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

“Illness washes the windows of your soul, clearing away all of who you wish to change, and leaves behind a crystal-clear view into your true spirit.”

-Melinda Marchiano-

From Grace:

I think it’s strange what people choose to do with their lives.  A person who is healthy, smart, and strong will go sit behind a desk, sipping their coffee and shuffling papers from nine to five.  Then, they will sit in traffic, get home, and pretty much go to bed.  To me, that is sad… pitiful.       

     I would like to ask that person, “Are you happy every day?”

     I can almost guarantee the answer would be, “No.”

     So many of us, lead bland, tasteless, hum-drum lives, with our potential lying lifeless, dusty and cob-web ridden in the corner.  I guess that when you’re severely sick, and know it, and feel it every second, you become determined to make every second count for the rest of your life. 

     Yearning for my bed, I buried my head in my pillow, the seat belt the only thing keeping me vertical.  I knew that nothing would stop me once I was well, healed.  I was so sure that I was going to make something of my life, and celebrate it every day until I die.

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