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Simplicity Equals…

Dance + Pink Lemonade + warm sun + endorsements coming in = happy Melinda! 🙂


“Sometimes I think that humans have made life too complicated. We don’t get it…what life’s all about.”

I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday, and it seems even more true today.  I had waaaaaaay too much time to think when I was sick and immobile.  And then, the weather today was… one of those days when you want to close your eyes and listen to the birds, and soak up that sunshine and breathe in the fresh air and springtime till you notice eternity has passed.  Simplicity.

And then there is the other side… I can do so much now… not like those days where my butt was so sore from sitting that I moaned one day to my mom, “If I sit here any longer, I’m gonna need some Tylenol for my @$$!”

I’m happy my butt doesn’t need Tylenol anymore!

Jeff Foxworthy, Dr. Wharam, and Cure Childhood Cancer

What an interesting project this book endorsement requesting is!  Being a teenager, and a first-time author, I had no idea that after you write a book, you need to “raise it.”  I am very fortunate to have someone who  has helped me tread through the murky waters of book publication, and I will never forget him telling me, “Now that you have published Grace, you need to raise her!”  What the heck does that mean?  Well, I am finding out.  I was just so deliriously happy at this time to be holding my words in book form, I didn’t really care if anyone ever read it!   It is such a funny process… it’s like when you put some corn kernels in a pot, turn it on, and then things start to crackle and pop. 

Crackle and Pop… I am ready for the popping sounds to reach ear-popping decibals.

Jeff Foxworthy is a Hero for Kids!

Did you know that Jeff Foxworthy has been a fundraising chariman for Duke Children’s Hospital for fifteen years, and he has worked with Camp Sunshine in Atlanta for over a decade. I have to say that this touches my heart so deeply… that he would commit to help sick children for many years.  He is genuinely concerned for cancer kids, and he shows it by giving his time, and by giving from his heart. 

Can I share with you the latest gift he has shared with a “cancer kid?”

Jeff Foxworthy wrote me a kind, encouraging, supportive, and inspiring email, and guess what?!

 Mr. Jeff Foxworthy wrote a beautiful book endorsement for Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey through Cancer and Recovery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can tell by his words that he really does spend time with kids who are battling cancer.  In this world that is becoming more and more devoid of people we can look up to for an example of how to live our lives, Jeff Foxworthy has given me something to reach for.  Integrity is a wonderful thing to share.  Please excuse me while I go cry happy tears.


I am happily dancing six days a week, and each day as I travel to dance, and as I am dancing, I remember when I wanted to dance, but my body wouldn’t let me.  I will never forget.  I will always, always be grateful that my body is willing and able to dance!  Yes… dance!

 From Grace:

“I had danced equivalent to how I danced at age three, and every single step was pretty much a disgrace to the dance world.  But the joy that came from those hideous few steps was a kind of happiness that came only from dancing.”

Ellen DeGeneres Needs Clones Too!

Okay, it is not just me who needs some clones to help them.  Yes, even though Ellen has her talk show, her American Idol judging, and I can imagine countless other responsibilities, she took the time– through her very kind manager– to respond to my book endorsement request.  I am touched that I even received a response at all.  I mean, Ellen could have rolled her eyes about twenty times and told me to take a long walk off a short pier, but no, she responded with graciousness.  No, the response was not quite, “Yes Melinda, I will stay up all night for a couple of weeks, just to make sure that your book endorsement gets done!”  But the response was so sweet, I must tell you that I feel as if she did say, “Yes!”  Hmmm…. too bad the “feeling” won’t look so good in print on Grace‘s book cover.

Lance Armstrong, Mia Michaels Dream Endorsements for Grace

Seasoned writers, I would love your advice.  What worked best for you personally when you finally got that “Dream Endorsement” for your book?  I see that there are many companies who will gobble my money to give me “the secret” to getting these, however, I believe that “the secret” could also be disguised in many different author’s stories.  Real life rocks big time! 

I have been busily sending out requests, and I will share with you what works for me (when it actually does work!)  Notice I am keeping very positive.  Yep… it’s gonna work.  If I made it through cancer and an eating disorder, I should be able to make it through book endorsement requests too.  I will admit that I much prefer writing and dancing! 

I look forward to hearing from you.  Yes, you!  Even disaster stories can be educational, and belly laughs are welcome as well.

Miss Book Endorsement Request 2010, Melinda

Illness and Soul-Cleansing

“Illness washes the windows of your soul, clearing away all of who you wish to change, and leaves behind a crystal-clear view into your true spirit.”

-Melinda Marchiano-

From Grace:

I think it’s strange what people choose to do with their lives.  A person who is healthy, smart, and strong will go sit behind a desk, sipping their coffee and shuffling papers from nine to five.  Then, they will sit in traffic, get home, and pretty much go to bed.  To me, that is sad… pitiful.       

     I would like to ask that person, “Are you happy every day?”

     I can almost guarantee the answer would be, “No.”

     So many of us, lead bland, tasteless, hum-drum lives, with our potential lying lifeless, dusty and cob-web ridden in the corner.  I guess that when you’re severely sick, and know it, and feel it every second, you become determined to make every second count for the rest of your life. 

     Yearning for my bed, I buried my head in my pillow, the seat belt the only thing keeping me vertical.  I knew that nothing would stop me once I was well, healed.  I was so sure that I was going to make something of my life, and celebrate it every day until I die.

Another Thought for The Day

 “Once we jump the fence of fear, there is a whole new world that is there for the taking.” – Melinda Marchiano-

Like Melinda says in Grace, “You don’t want to be a deep thinker when you have cancer.  Trust me.”

Melinda’s Thought For The Day

“God put us in bodies so that we may appreciate the freedom of heaven when we get there.”

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