A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

Tomorrow, at The City Playhouse in San Luis Obispo, I will be (very, very, very happily) performing with my fellow Civic Ballet dancers at 6:00.  Rehearsal yesterday was funny, because there was a huge rug taped to the floor that we are not allowed to move until the theater’s previous show removes its “prop.”  Unfortunately, their “prop” was a big problem for anyone who wanted to have a dance rehearsal– twisted ankles and broken legs just aren’t a good thing before a performance– or anytime!  Hmmm… a life challenge in the form of a rug… fascinating.

Last night, after rehearsal– or what was meant to be rehearsal– I went to meet Julie Campbell at the beach.  She is the talented photographer who shot my “Waltz of the Flowers” ballerina photo, and she is very kindly helping me create an “Author Photo” for Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery.  I joked with her, that I thought I should stand in a study filled with books and hold a pipe in my hand while I gaze at the massive library surrounding me.  We had some seriously hearty laughs, and after more than three hours of photos, my cheeks hurt, and my mouth was so pasty that it reminded me of those “oral contrast” days.  Pretty soon I will have a new mug shot.  Thanks Julie, for your kindness and patience while working with this giggly subject.

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