A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

Yesterday, I told you I was speechless, and today, I have still not recovered.  I can’t help but think back to a year ago when I was battling for my life.  I think of all of the struggles, and I think of how people came along to lift me up… physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Can you imagine life without someone who cares enough about you to stand by you when you are completely incapacitated?  I am blessed.

Also, I think back to two years ago yesterday.  Exactly two years to  the day after I danced in my recital (the light at the end of my treatment tunnel) and celebrated with an amazing End of Treatment Party, Lance Armstrong sends me his book endorsement for Grace!

I admire Lance Armstrong very much for his dedication to helping others with cancer.  He could just “ride off into the sunset,” but instead, he puts enormous time and effort into making a difference for others, now and in the future.  That he has reached out to help children with cancer means the world to me.  I feel strongly, like Lance does, that I cannot just stand by on the sidelines and think, “Oh boy, I’m healed… whooptie-doo!”  I plan on using whatever I have, and all that I am, to work for a change for the better.  A change for healing, and a change for comfort, and a change for a bunch more love in this world.  And Lance has just come “under my wings” to help me soar toward my goal of helping suffering children.  This is a treasure to me. 

Can you guess whose quote will be on the cover of Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery?   I think there will have to be at least three.  I will post the new cover very soon:)

And ARCs have been sent to press… I am so excited that it won’t be long before I can share!

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