A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

Nurse Jen

Today, I want to remind everyone who reads this how precious life is.  We seem to go about each day as though they will keep coming forever… until something happens to wake us up. 

It’s true that I have already had a major two-year wake up call that has kept me focused on what is excellent and praiseworthy in this life of ours.  But sadness has entered my life today.  True, deep sadness.

I learned today that my dear, lovely thirty-two year old Nurse Jen has left us and passed on into God’s arms because of a tragic automobile accident.  My heart is broken thinking of how her family must feel and how this world has lost a brilliant shining light.  When I was near death from extremely low blood counts, Nurse Jen agreed to adopt me for the day in the Adult Transfusion Suite.  When I arrived at the hospital, I could barely keep my eyes open and was so weak I could not walk.  By the end of this day in Nurse Jen’s care, I was joking and balancing empty water bottles on my on my bald, shiny head. 

I fell in love with Jen’s spirit that day, and I will truly treasure the part of her she gave me that day to keep forever.  And Jen, I pray that God will help my spirit shine into the lives of others even half as brightly as yours. 

Hug those loved ones with all you’ve got…

P.S. There is a beautiful photo of Nurse Jen in Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery.  When you see her smile and the light in her eyes, you will feel her love.

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