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Artist Nat Fast

I met a warm, sparkly-eyed man when I was four. I met him at PCPA Theaterfest when my brother, Dean, was a young performer in the play “The King & I.” He would sit backstage, or in the voms, and he would create amazing drawings from what he observed. And every time I would see him, his eyes lit up with love, and his calm and gentle voice would ask me how I was.

Well, twelve years have passed, and I am still friends with Nat Fast. My brothers and I are beyond those Young Performer days at PCPA, but I have this incredible treasure of friendship with Nat that will live on forever. I am always touched by the gift he has to be able to draw and paint with seriously amazing talent.  

Guess what I get to do after dance tonight? I am going to see a show of Nat’s work.

What a blessing to have Nat’s friendship (and art) in my life!  Go hug an artist!

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