A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

What a wonderful thing Marian Cancer Care is doing for survivors! I have had the honor of speaking with three of these support groups over the past couple of weeks. Meeting people is something I love, and meeting these people, well…. I told my mom, “These are my people.” I seriously love these folks who have been through the same battle I have been through. There is a connection, an understanding, and a deep care that I have discovered which exists between survivors– no matter what age they are. It is remarkable; it is truly something I treasure.

It touches me that there are people and places who reach out to those who are suffering, or have suffered through cancer. I know how critical it is that cancer patients have support even after treatment has ended. Unfortunately, even when cancer cells are pummeled to death by treatment with chemo and radiation, there is a time after treatment when you’re wondering if you will ever feel well again. There is a time when you wonder, “What now?” There is a time when you need someone to listen to you tell about all of the things that are still not physically right– and things that are not emotionally right.

A lovely woman told me today that when she told her doctor she was having digestive problems after finishing treatment, he told her he did not want to hear about it. Others have told her it is “in her head.” 

We can do better than this. We can do much better. Number one, let’s believe patients when they explain how something is wrong. Number two, let’s reach out with loving hearts, listening ears, and acts of kindness to help each other through the rough times that life flings our way.

I thank Marian Cancer Care for reaching out to help these people. I thank them for caring, for listening, and for loving.

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