A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

It makes me happy to see that many people are reading my blog.  This isn’t because I have a secret ambition to be Master Blogger of the Universe, but because it means people are learning more about childhood cancer. I know I’ve been a little tough on you lately, expecting you to click “Likes” on Facebook pages and sign petitions and take surveys. I am really, really grateful for your participation!

Today, I will just do a little reporting and give you a tiny break till tomorrow:)

Fashion has never been one of my interests, but it just became an interest when I saw what Tommy Hilfiger and Alex Garfield have done to help raise funds for childhood cancer research– it’s called “Connor’s Heroes.”


When I ask, “Is anybody out there,” I hear Tommy and Alex say, “Me!”

There is one other person to tell you about. I met a beautiful woman named Katya last Saturday at the Children’s Miracle Network event who had painstakingly, lovingly, and artistically created a work of needlepoint that she donated for the live auction. I cannot even imagine the time and energy she devoted to this brilliant artwork, and I imagine that it must have been very difficult to part with it. Whenever we put our heart and soul into something we make, it seems like it becomes a part of us. She must have felt like she was giving a piece of herself. Well, it is people like Katya– who give from their souls– who have made it possible for me to be living and breathing today. That she would care about sick children who are complete strangers is something we can all aspire to. That she would give such a big piece of herself… this will make me a better person.

If you would like to see her blog and photos of her incredible needlework:


Thank you Katya, Tommy, and Alex…

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