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Sent a Package Today…

Do you ever have moments in life where you stop suddenly and marvel at what just happened? And then you start to realize that your marvelling is just beginning? I had one of those yesterday, and it’s still swirling around me. It began with an email, then an address, and then I sent a package today…

Stay tuned…

On this day 22 of  National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, I have decided to talk with you about one of the most critical reasons why we need to help everyone know more about childhood cancer. I have been reading story after story– all posted by parents finding out about the Oprah! Please Do a Show on Childhood Cancer Facebook page. There are many parents who tell the same story as mine; it took a very long time to get a diagnosis.  http://bit.ly/br6Mrg

This is serious. We all know that with cancer, the earlier it is detected, the better. I imagine there are many reasons why it takes so long for a child with cancer to receive an accurate diagnosis. Small children don’t have the language skills to describe exactly how they’re feeling. This is one huge reason that parents need to be aware.

Another possible reason is that doctors don’t expect cancer in what looks to be a young, “healthy” person. When I became sick, I was dancing five days a week– I was pale as a ghost, my lips were blue, and I was coughing a high-pitched dolphin cough when I exerted myself at dance. (Take note: these are symptoms)  I knew I wasn’t healthy. I knew there was something very wrong. Most everyone around me thought I was fine. My mom believed me and kept taking me to doctors. It’s a really good thing she did.

I was slowly suffocating.

We need awareness.

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