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San Luis Obispo has a wonderful cancer resource center located right next to French Hospital. I have been told that before the Hearst Cancer Resource Center was established, there was no place in the area for support groups to meet. Tomorrow, I’m scheduled to share with a Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma Group. Each time I have the opportunity to speak with cancer survivors, I am blessed by what they have to share with me. Funny how that works.

I visited the Hearst Cancer Resource Center once before (I dropped off a copy of Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery:)) Those who have created this special place for survivors have put a lot of thought, care, time and money into it. How touching it is that there are people and organizations that care… and they do something to show they care!

Talking with Mom on the way to dance today, the subject of meeting with the support group tomorrow came up. Our conversation came around to how there is no such thing as follow-up support groups for children who are cancer survivors. No such thing. At least not anywhere near where I live. I would imagine the follow-up support needs for children are much different from those of an adult.

I heard something the other day that broke my heart in two. A nine-year old girl named Abbey, who is growing her hair back that she lost due to chemo treatments, is mercilessly teased at school about her hair. Wish I could have just a few words with her tormenters. Children recovering from cancer treatments need support too. Lots and lots of support.

One more reason why I need to keep raising awareness…

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  1. My daughter shaved her head to support her father (whom we recently lost) and I was amazed that the kids teased her for “looking like a boy”. Kids can be so mean, and these brave kids deserve so much more. I make hats for cancer patients, and I would love to make Abbey a few hats. What are her favorite colors??? She can email me her requests directly at victoriaslovehats@yahoo.com. I donate a hat for every order I take. I would be honored to have Abbey on my list. Much Love~Victoria

    • What a beautiful thing your daughter did for her dad! I am so sorry to hear she had to take abuse from those who are obviously ignorant of the great need to raise money for research. Thank you for your love and kindness in giving too! Victoria, you have blessed my day:)

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