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Google Map Vehicle Sighting

Coming home from school today, I was driving along Tefft Street when my mom noticed a strange-looking vehicle coming toward us in the opposite lane. It was a teeny-tiny car with a huge tripod on top and a bubble-like camera on top of that. We giggled at the way it looks and how funny it must be to be the person who is driving the car. Now, what I want to know is when they get that piece of tape up  and running, are all of you going to see me smiling and waving at you when you look up “Tefft Street” in Nipomo????????????????????

Giggle, giggle, hope so! Actually, all you will see is the silver streak of a Toyota Tundra barreling toward home (I was hungry, okay?!)

I will conclude with a few photos of Google Map Vehicles that look  a bit similar to the one we saw.

Why does this crack me up?

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