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Oh What a Gift for the World!

Dear Oprah,

Hi, it’s me again, Melinda. I don’t mean to exasperate your producers by sending letters to you every day; I am part of the 51,000 people- Facebook movement asking you to do a show on childhood cancer. This is our way of expressing the urgency of our heartfelt request for you to give a voice to childhood cancer. I can honestly say that I am not aware of one person who is doing this so that they can have a moment of fame on your show, but rather, because we have seen the devastation and we want to share ways we can lessen it.

Childhood cancer is largely ignored by NCI and the American Cancer Society. They provide very little funding for research in comparison to adult cancers. Children with cancer are being killed by their treatments—we need less toxic treatments now. CureSearch and Children’s Oncology Group say that with adequate funding, a cure is within our reach. Will you please help to gather those wonderful philanthropists who want to make a difference by giving away their fortunes? We can cure childhood cancer by proper funding! Money! What an incredible gift we could share with the children of this world!!! It makes sense to me that finding a cure for childhood cancer would also help adults with cancer.

Let’s gather the people who care.

Let’s raise the funds.

Let’s strangle childhood cancer until there is no life left in it.

Oh what a gift for the world.

Let’s do it.

With utmost sincerity,


16 year-old author of Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Comments on: "Oh What a Gift for the World!" (2)

  1. Your letter is wonderful. My son has T-Cell ALL and is currently fighting the toxic drugs which are raveging his body. My blog tells our story but your letter tells the facts…it’s scary. I will join the fight…thank you for your strength.

    • 1ballerina said:

      Katy, Thank you for taking your time to comment. What a wonderful mom you must be to your son… and he must be fighting so hard. I will go to your blog and learn about him so I can keep him– and you– in my prayers. Bless you!

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