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Let’s Wake Up The World

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Dear Oprah,

It’s not just me who would pour “Guts on the Table” before you if it meant you would shine your light on childhood cancer with an awareness show. I believe each and every one of the 52,000 people who have clicked “Like” on our Facebook page feels just as I do.

At sixteen years old, I try to make sense of this world that we live in. I look at what our society feels is important and I cringe… wealth, fame, and “getting something for nothing” seem to be our highest aspirations. What I see, and what the 52,000 people see, are children who are suffering and dying from cancer. The suffering spreads into all areas of their lives:

*I see a teenage girl getting her beanie pulled off her bald head so that others can ridicule her.

*I see a boy named Ethan Jostad enduring the pain of a classmate telling him she is “glad” he has cancer.

*I see mothers and fathers watching helplessly as their child writhes in pain.

*I see families emotionally and financially destroyed.

*I see a mother who took her life because the pain from watching her suffering child became just too much for her to take.

*I see hundreds of children whose lives could have been saved by earlier detection through greater awareness.

This show on childhood cancer can be a huge Wake-Up-Call for kindness and gratitude. Imagine teaching children that good health is something to be extremely grateful for… imagine challenging them to express their gratitude for life by helping others in need. Imagine spurring the youth of our world to give from their hearts. What if… what if we challenge our youth to raise money for childhood cancer research? What if we teach them that the next childhood cancer diagnosis could be their own?

Surely there would be action and surely our priorities would reassemble into a much more compassionate listing.

Let’s Wake-up-the World,


Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery




Brave Cancer Warrior Ethan Jostad

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