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Happy Hug Club

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

On the way to school yesterday, I noticed a woman driving past us and made a comment to mom.

“She needs a hug.”

My mom chuckled a bit, not because the woman needed a hug, but because my words painted a vivid picture in her mind of what the lady looked like, even though she didn’t actually see her.

Isn’t it just the best thing ever when someone gives you a hug, especially when you really, really need one? There must be some sort of spiritual power in hugs… like the unleashing of God’s love in this world. I am not recommending any studies, because I am thoroughly convinced that hugs have medicinal value—physically, mentally, and spiritually.

As my mom and I spoke of the woman who looked like she needed a hug, I began telling her about a suggestion that came from one of my teachers.

Mrs. Stoneman told me, “Melinda, you are always so happy. You should start a Happy Hug Club!”

Because I am a firm believer in the discovered, and yet to be discovered, value of hugs, I am beginning the Happy Hug Club today. The mission of the club is to give and receive as many hugs as possible. Anyone can join. If you would like to join today, just leave a comment below…   you are automatically entered into the club.

For your initiation, find someone to give your first hug to and have them pass it on!

Welcome to the Happy Hug Club! Have a huggable day!

I love this photo of Olivia… the joy on her face when she received her wish is precious!

Olivia receives her Make-A-Wish!

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Comments on: "Happy Hug Club" (7)

  1. Big hug from ammy and I. The power of a hug is incredible. Katy xxx

  2. John Christian said:

    A HUG for you and your Mom A HUG too. for comming up with the HUG Club. God Bless You Both.

  3. Sign me up, Melinda!! ❥

    I totally agree with you, about the power of hugs.★♥

    And it just so happens that I gave a hug out just a few minutes BEFORE spotting your post (…coincidence? I think not). ☺

    PS YOU are the perfect founder, for this …seeing how gelatinously, joyfully, lovingly huggable you are, yourself! (((((((Virtual HUGS to you, Jelly!)))))))

    PPS I know what you mean about people-who-look-like-they-need-a-hug: I often send them a mental or virtual prayer-energy-hug, myself.☼

    • 1ballerina said:

      Gelatinous hugs for my compassionate, CARING friend who swoops in with encouragement, assistance, and inspiration on a regular schedule. Cyberhugs work like I never knew they could till I met you:)

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