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Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Continuing my thoughts from yesterday’s post about the need for celebrities to Step up to the Plate to become dedicated advocates to help raise money for childhood cancer research, I want to acknowledge some people who have come up to bat. One person I want to thank is Jeff Gordon, for his compassion and dedication to establish Jeff Gordon’s Children’s Hospital . Another person who has given from his heart to help children with cancer is Jeff Foxworthy. Mr. Foxworthy has been an advocate for children with cancer for many years. He has helped CUREChildhood Cancer, and he has also helped me.

It was nearly a year ago when I began sending out requests for testimonials/endorsements for my book. I wish I could communicate all that I learned from this process. It was highly educational; I learned a lot about the human spirit. Right away, I heard back from a kind woman named Maggie, who told me that she forwarded my request to Mr. Foxworthy and he responded swiftly and with compassion. This told me he is one of the special people with a loving heart for children. I also learned has given from his heart to help Duke University Children’s Hospital. The words he chose for his endorsement told me he has spent time with childhood cancer warriors; he is not just posing for photos with bald children to boost his likeability. (Do people really do this?????)

This is what he wrote for me, and what he wrote to help other children with cancer:

“I have often said God gives children with cancer something extra. They are remarkable and inspiring people to be around. Melinda tells her story with such honesty and openness that you can’t help but be touched and encouraged. This is sure to be a blessing to all who read it!”

He included a note, saying that I could edit it or “throw it in the trash can!”

I just love Jeff Foxworthy!

Others celebrities who stopped their lives to respond kindly included Ray Romano and Kathie Lee Gifford… I send my deep gratitude to each of them for their contributions.

The responses to my request were as varied as the people who inhabit our Earth. Some people responded with kindness, even when they chose not to help. One response that came from a famous young singer (who I will not name at this time,) I will admit, was a bit disturbing… it ruffled my mom’s feathers.

This was the response from her publicist: “I don’t think childhood cancer applies to _______.”

Now, for my mom, a no answer was just fine. But this statement, for my mom and I imagine for many other parents, was just the same as stating, “I don’t care about children with cancer.” Does childhood cancer have to “apply” to us before we realize that it is the responsibility of every living, breathing adult to care for the children in this world? How can it be that there has not been one new therapy approved to fight childhood cancers in the past twenty years, yet our technological advances have grown exponentially?

This is entirely unacceptable.

Children who “make it” through their tortuous treatments are losing their battle after the battle. The treatments are so toxic that the side effects when treatment ends can be brutally painful and life-threatening.

This is why I keep writing… everyone needs to hear… everyone needs to help.

My friend, Breanna, who I have been asking you to pray for, left this Earth for heaven last night. She made it through her treatments, but effects from treatment caused complications that were too much. Please pray for Breanna’s family, and please do everything you can that will help find a cure.

Breanna (on the right) and her friend Sammie

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