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Greetings From Arizona

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

This morning, just as the roosters began crowing, Mom and I hopped into our Jeep Patriot rental car (who we have already fondly named “Hugo”) and began driving eastward. The windows are decorated with my non-award-winning artwork– childhood cancer awareness and HOPE signs. The back is packed to the brim for our three week trip, and I am so excited about the adventures and the possibilities that lie ahead. 

Each day brings new responses from the children’s hospitals we have contacted; although they have never heard of someone doing this, they have been wonderfully receptive and kind. Tomorrow morning, before we leave Arizona, we will see the brand new children’s hospital here in Phoenix. I won’t be able to visit with any of the children here because they are moving to the new hospital. I want to thank Teri from Phoenix Children’s Hospital for trying her very best to make it happen! Their staff is delighted about the move, and I have discovered that even the hotel desk clerk speaks of the new hospital with pride. 

Adventure is fun. Adventure with a huge purpose is thrilling. 

I know there are many, many children across the U.S. who would love to be healthy enough for adventure. I am grateful– so grateful– to be healthy enough to travel to see the children. I pray with all of my heart that my visits will somehow help to give them hope and strength. I pray this Tour will bring more people to help the children, more money for research, and that it will bring what we truly need right now…

A Cure!

Nurse Cyndi Kissing my Dome

Comments on: "Greetings From Arizona" (2)

  1. Of course – you come to Arizona and the one time – THE ONE TIME – I leave the state, you come! Continued blessings on your magical and inspirational Hope Tour! You continue to amaze me young lady!

    • 1ballerina said:

      Matt!!! I want everyone to know about your wonderful book about your daughter, Emily!
      I know you are on the East Coast right now and that is where we are eventually heading to… maybe then Matt?

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