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Go Ahead… Jump In!

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Today is a gratitude day… as grateful as every day has been since my outstanding medical team helped rid my body of cancer. My three-year scans just came back “All Clear.” For Dr. Dan, Nurse Pam, Nanci, Robyn, Zippy, Jaynie, and everyone else at Cottage Hospital, I give you my love and thanks! I apologize for not being a “normal” patient and thank you for dealing so “gracefully” with my Melinda-ness!

Rather than let “Survivor’s Guilt” overtake me to the point where I cannot function to help others, I have found it necessary to tweak that thought and those feelings into action that will help. The hardest part of all for me is knowing of children who die each day from childhood cancer– knowing the suffering they have faced and the suffering of their families. There is no “Half-Way” point of caring about childhood cancer patients… either you jump right in and become submersed, or you stand on the sidelines with little understanding of what is truly going on.

Fair warning: Jumping in will give your heart the ride of its life.

Truth: Jumping in will bless your life with truly remarkable heroes!

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta making Children Happy and Health

I just read this news from PAC2 about Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation ! Does it get any better than this? Dancing to raise money to fight childhood cancer??????????? Northwestern University– thank you for jumping in! Happy Dance Time!

I will rewind life a bit for my next posts so that I can begin sharing more about the Hope Tour after we left New Orleans. 

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

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  1. Chrys kamp said:

    The world is a much brighter, more beautiful and enlightened place, thanks to you being in it! Every day, you find some new way to give thanks for being healthy and to encourage others to embrace this fight against childhood cancer so others might enjoy the same feeling of being blessed to be alive. We are ALL thankful to your doctors and nurses for taking such wonderful care of you and helping you be healthy again! Without them, we wouldn’t have you, and without you, we wouldn’t have such beautiful inspiration and hope for a future without childhood cancer. I hope you will always continue to leap in with both feet, and dance every step of the way! Please never ever feel guilty for being a child who beat cancer. You being healthy, brings hope others can be too!

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