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Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Ethan Taylor Jostad


I feel great sadness today for the world’s loss of this boy. With this link, I want to share Ethan’s brilliant, joyful spirit.


His made-up song tells a tale that only a child with cancer can tell. It breaks my heart to know that this is what children with cancer rejoice over. It breaks my heart to know that Ethan’s family’s hearts are broken. How they must miss Ethan!


I love laughing and joking and being silly. I love finding humor where there is no humor to be found. There is not one speck of humor to be found in the suffering or death of children. We all need to locate the softest part of our hearts and open that part to give everything we have to stop childhood cancer.

*** Childhood cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease in children under 20.

*** When children are diagnosed with cancer, 80% have advanced stages of the disease, compared to 20% in adults. Many children are originally misdiagnosed, which leads to greater suffering and many times, death.

*** One in five children diagnosed with cancer will die. In some forms of childhood cancer, one in five will live.

Today, I encourage every healthy person reading this to consider giving blood. Blood donors save lives. Blood donors save cancer children’s lives. I know because I am one of them. Some generous donor saved my life during cancer treatment… not once, but twice.

We all have something to give. That something might be circulating through your veins right now. With most sincere gratitude, thank you to everyone who gives this treasured gift of life!

I will say it again, “We All Have Something to Give.”

The important question is, “Are We Giving It?”

With love for Ethan Jostad

Remembering Ethan…


Comments on: "Are We Giving It? A Tribute to Ethan Jostad" (4)

  1. susan jacobs btewery said:

    godspeed Ethan.

  2. Rest in Peace Ethan your memory will live on in the hearts of the many people’s lives yous touched

    • 1ballerina said:

      Thank you, David. I believe Ethan has just begun his mission of touching and even saving lives. My love to Ethan’s family…

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