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Millions of Mini-Lights

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Amid the turmoil and chaos that is childhood cancer there are millions of mini-lights. By mini-lights, I mean moments of intense joy and happiness. Today, I am so happy, I feel like the lights are more like a beacon!

Happy 7th Birthday Braden!

My buddy, Braden Hofen, turned seven years old today.  Not one of us can come close to imagining the battle he has been through. Braden may be only seven years old, but I look up to him. He helps me be who I want to be and who I need to be.  It’s easy to get our thoughts twisted around by the routine of living our daily lives—and then—someone brings us back to reality. Braden has taught me about reality, about loving, and about courage.

Today, Big Bear, as your adorable mom, Deliece calls you… I send you HUGE Big Bear Hugs.  Please hold onto them because I will be coming to collect them soon.

I want to share with you all of you the elation and joy we feel along with Braden’s mom on this day that many believed would never come… 

Deliece shared these feelings today:

*** So today is all about celebration and happiness!  Today is a day that I’m wearing my HOPE shirt and shouting “TAKE THAT cANCER” as loud and long and to as many people as I can!!  TAKE THAT cANCER!!! You DID NOT get today!! Braden wins this one!!!!

*** Thank you LORD for this day…truly a miracle! I was driving home from Price Chopper where I picked up his John Deere cake for his friends party tomorrow and was smiling and laughing so much I was bawling and had to pull over to get it together! Happy through my entire SOUL! Thank you Lord, thank you!!

Does anyone have any Kleenex nearby? Why is it that tears of joy feel so good?

Braden’s victories makes me want to work harder so that the day we find a cure will be closer. If we all work as hard as Braden has to fight cancer, I don’t see how the illusive cure cannot be right around the next corner. If Braden  can work this hard– remember he is still a kid–what excuse can we possibly have as healthy adults not to do all we can to stop childhood cancer?

Braden, lead the way my little buddy…

Braden’s Hope for Childhood Cancer

Happy Seventh Birthday Braden!

Isaiah Alonso Foundation asks us to “Like” this page:

Please “like” this page. LaFontaine Hyundai will donate $1 to childhood cancer research through Hyundai Hope on Wheels for every like!



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  1. Oh Melinda….thank you SO much!! You are OUR hero!! We love you and your beautiful momma very much!! XOXOXO!!

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