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Don’t Stop Believing

Here I was, sitting and thinking about the team. My friend posted Emmett’s hope flag hanging in Union Station in D.C. Instant tears, knowing that he and everything he has endured is honored and respected and he is spoken for! I love you, my Little Lion Man!

           ~Angela Williams

46 Mommas Banner in Union Station

I thought of the 46 Mommas all day today—especially when it reached 2:00 p. m. PST. I knew that a few of the Mommas would be sitting in the chairs, ready for TheBigShave. Have you imagined what they would feel like? I’m not talking about the new-found breeze on their heads, but what it must feel like inside. Each one of the Mommas has a huge reason why they are there. Somehow I know each of them would give more than their head of hair if it meant that pediatric cancer research would be fully funded. They all know that when that day comes—full funding for research—we will begin to make huge strides toward cures.

This is why they Shave For The Brave.

If you haven’t yet, please considering adopting a Momma.

Here is a video introducing each of The Amazing 46 Mommas


Thanks for the Inspiration Anna!

“At 5:00 EST, 46 of the most beautiful women in the world will become bald. Their children had no option of losing their hair. These ladies are in D.C. at Union Station. Some have lost their children to cancer, some have children still in battle & some have survivors (but the worry never stops). Each shaved head brings awareness and money towards research and a cure for childhood cancer.”

                                                                 ~Jeri Where’saCure Geary

Thank you Angela, Anna, and Jeri. May the money raised today for St. Baldrick’s lead to what we are all working for, hoping for…

Don’t stop believing.                                        

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  1. Anna Banana is the best!!!

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