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Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Dear Taylor,

Since I heard the news about your response to the invitation to go with Kevin McGuire to his prom, I cannot stop smiling. It is truly stupendous that, rather than declining the invitation to his prom, you created your own invitation for Kevin to be your date for the ACM Awards!

I want you to know that this gift you are giving to Kevin goes far beyond the actual evening of your date. Each day between now and then, Kevin has the gift of looking forward to meeting you. When treatment times get rough, he has your gift to help heal his body and heart. When Kevin kicks cancer’s rear into remission, your gift will also lead him to help others.

Your heart-gift does not stop there.

Do you realize the impact of your actions on the entire childhood cancer community?

You see, the world of childhood cancer is packed full of suffering and sorrow. Children endure tortuous treatments, and parents crumble as they watch what no parent should have to see—what no child should have to endure. The reality of fighting childhood cancer is that the fight goes on and on. Even when treatment finally ends, 2/3 of children who survive will deal with life-long effects from the medicines that saved them.

Because of all this, it is absolutely necessary to add huge doses of love to the treatment protocol for children with cancer. To these children who are fighting for their lives, every bit of care has enormous meaning. A smile, a warm hug, a laugh, an open heart… all of these are more precious than gold.

How do I know?

I am a seventeen year-old survivor. Moments of love gave me the ammunition I needed to fight to get well. I won’t ever forget.

This is why what you have done for Kevin means more than what you ever imagined, to a multitude of people. Although Kevin is the one who received your invitation, I feel as elated as if it were me who received your warmth and love. Your gift to Kevin is a huge spoonful of love to all of us who work to stop childhood cancer.

Thank you for your loving heart and for the huge spoonful of love,


I found this video with your song… 

Taylor Swift “The Best Day”

Believe in Magic Children’s Charity Pirates and Princesses

Creating moments of love!

Reef was diagnosed three years ago today-- Go Reef!



Comments on: "Taylor Swift, Thank You for the Spoonful of Love" (3)

  1. Kyle Graden said:

    We have been inspired by Taylor’s generosity for Kevin and so many others and have created a community service organization to help people in need all over the world! We are pushing to have Taylor hear our story and to pick our 13th project for us! Like us on Facebook! facebook.com/tswc13

  2. […] Swift on our blogs (Melinda’s blog can be found here) in February.  Melinda published her letter first and then I published mine on the exact same day.  What happened was that somebody created a […]

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