A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer


Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery


“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.”

~Archbishop Desmond Tutu


Yesterday, I wrote about families who have suffered the greatest of losses who turn their grief into hope for kids of the future. Great loss and great suffering can serve as powerful motivators for good. The enormous challenge for those of us who work to raise awareness for childhood cancer is the delicacy of the task. If we pound people with horrible images of The Truth, (even though it is The Truth,) no one will look, and no one will learn. But if we combine those images of The Truth in a wise and compassionate way, like Mike Gillette has done for Day 3 Preview of The Truth 365, we can reach out to the humanity we are “bound up” with. I have HOPE that humanity will listen with delicate, sympathetic hearts, and engaged and active minds.

Yes, I would like all of humanity to become engaged in the mission of ending childhood cancer. Please don’t look at me with those crinkly eyebrows. It is not too much to ask all of humanity to care about these kids. 

The Truth 365 Healing Hunter Foundationhank you, Lenore and Zen, for sharing your gift of Hunter with the world.  (HealingHunterFoundation)

The Truth 365 Day 3 Preview


Lenore Davis, Hunter’s mom wrote beautiful thoughts from her heart on The Truth 365 Facebook page today…

“Woke up this morning with very puffy eyes. Didn’t realize Zen and I were going to see our lives flash in front us last night before we went to bed. It was almost as if a sweet lil’ piece of us died all over again. 

Watching the amazing tribute that TheTruth365 pieced together for Hunter was extremely touching and very heartwarming. We were not expecting to see so many deeply felt images of Hunter’s adorable face get placed to a song that seemed so appropriate. After viewing it, both of our faces laid in tear soaked pillows. Still in disbelief of what happened to our lil’ love. Zen reached over and held my hand, and as soon as a piece of his warm, loving body touched mine…I held on for dear life. Such a connection to Hunter I feel through him. Our pain coincides and our broken hearts collide in a way that I feel will bond us together forever, and keep Hunter sweetly by our sides. 

Thank you once again, Mike and TheTruth365, for honoring our precious Hunter amongst so many other special lil’ souls…those that have turned into golden angels and those that are still fighting. Zen and I are truly honored to be standing with you and feel ever so grateful to be contributing to this cause. These magnificent children are being heard and their words and their stories are tenderly piercing the hearts of thousands of individuals who can, and will, make a tremendous impact. 

Much love, strength and peace and many, many blessings to all of the families out there whose lives have been touched by childhood cancer. Lenore, Zen and Angel Hunter Zen”


Let our love for your beautiful face and your sweetest of spirits, guide us and strengthen us on the road to a cure.

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