A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

What A Gift to the World

This is International Childhood Cancer Day, a day we can learn to expand our focus on childhood cancer to include not just children in our own country, but throughout the world. For me, the problems of late diagnoses, toxic treatments, late effects, shortages of medicines, and a dire lack of development of new, more effective—less invasive—treatments keep me focused on all we need to do as a country.  We have so much to do. This should not be discouraging, but encouraging. Be encouraged there is a growing army of people who know The Truth about childhood cancer. Be encouraged by becoming an individual who does their part. One way to do your part is to let our elected officials know that childhood cancer research is a top priority.

St. Baldrick’s Foundation has made it easy—like, really, really easy to contact your representatives.

Go ahead…. it takes just a few minutes, and you will know you did something to help!


 Did you do it yet???

 Please don’t read on until you do!

 If you would like to learn more about World Child Cancer:


 One way that we will be able to better treat children with cancer in the future is to gather data on childhood cancer survivors. Alex’s Lemonade Stand is doing just this. If you are a survivor, or your child is, you have an opportunity to provide vital information that will help researchers develop better treatments for kids who come along after us.

Please take the time to help Alex’s Lemonade Stand in this very important mission and pass this link on to others who might be willing to help.


When we do discover those new treatments for more cures…

what a gift we will have to give the world!

We totally fell in love with Kaiden!

 What we really need, and really want, is an end to this…

“( ) passed away on January 25, 2011 from a glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor. He fought cancer for 3 years and 7 months. He was known for his compassion and kindness. He was once asked, “What would be the greatest super power that a person could have?” Ben’s response was simple, but powerful – “Forgiveness.”” 
“Even though he is nearing the end of his earthly life, he hangs on for the love of his family. Please keep them in your prayers and thoughts. No one parent should be in this position. No child should have to fight to live and especially not for 5 years, only for modern medicine to have still failed him. We Need A Cure! Too many families, too many children- It doesn’t make sense”
“Surgeon just came out for a break ( ) is doing great. Her tumors were a lot worse than they thought but praise God she has been able to remove the most difficult ones so far. The vascular surgeon is in there now reconstructing her iliac artery. She will finish removing the rest of the tumors and then reconstruct her ureters. Then she will apply the hot chemo wash to her entire abdominal cavity.”

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