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Beware: Minefield Ahead

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Something happened today that tickled my soul and made my jaw drop to the floor. This happening arrived in the form of an email…


I love hearing from people. I am a People Person. Well, today I received an email out of the clear blue Universe from someone very special who shall remain anonymous at this time.

This special person told me that she does not even know what she was Googling, but she came across my book. This person was diagnosed ten years ago, at the age of twelve, with Hodgkin lymphoma. She has suffered ever since with a depression and a terrible eating disorder. She has danced since the age of three.

Does any of this sound like someone you know??????????????????????

One of the things she told me that (thankfully!) is not familiar, is that what troubled her most during treatment was that her doctor would not let her dance during chemotherapy treatment.

This would have killed me…. not the chemo, but the Huge “NO DANCING” Roadblock sign!

Thanks Dr. Dan for seeing this in me– and for not constructing Roadblocks to restrict this body of mine that needed to dance—even though my best dancing at that time looked like “a hippo giving birth.”

What Special Person has shared with me has made my thoughts spin around. I sure would love to see children who have finished cancer treatments monitored more closely for all of the possible late effects. I would love to have more awareness of the potentially deadly and devastating “Minefield” that awaits survivors. I understand why the giant focus is on treatment, but also important is what price are patients paying for their survival?

Special Person has been battling and suffering for ten years.

What a price.

Today, I ask for your prayers for the incredibly joyful Lyssie Righter…

Lyssie Righter Teaching us Joy



Thank you Carina Corral and KSBY 6 for your continued support for raising awareness for childhood cancer!


Thank you also to the Adobe Press and Santa Maria Times:







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