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Clue #2 For “Someone #1”

I loved being able to see many people who I love and care about today at the book signing for Relay for Life!  I was so surprised to see my basketball coach (who was an awesome coach,) Joe Moreno walk in.  Another wonderful surprise was Nat Fast showing his always incredible smile and warmth, and if you haven’t seen his artwork… well, it is way past time!  (Faculty Emeritus, Art Department, Allen Hancock College/PCPA Associate Artist)  Barbara Miller, my homeschool teaching advisor for several years before I got sick surprised me too.  And then, there were Gramma and Poppy who are always there to love and support me. 

It was fun sharing, and the people who came asked really good questions.  It seemed like everyone had fun, and we raised money to fight back against cancer.  Very, very, very cool.

On to the Guessing Games…

Okay, now for clue #2 for “Someone #1.”

Do you remember clue #1?

Anyway, clue #2 for “Someone #1” is “Type of.”

Wait till you see the prize! 

By the way, have you figured out who “Someone #2” is yet?

Wow, you are quite sharp, aren’t you?

“Someone #2” The Guessing Game Expands

Okay, how am I supposed to keep quiet when I feel like squealing?!  Another really, really cool endorsement for Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery came in today!  This someone, who shall henceforth be referred to as “Someone #2,” sent me a quote that touches my heart.  And I know that this “Someone #2” is just as busy in life as “Someone #1” or “Cheese.”

I am thinking hard about a clue for “Someone #2,” while we are awaiting the finalization of papers… hmmm… 

How about “Morning Person.”  Yes, the first clue for endorser “Someone #2” is Morning Person.

I will be thinking of clue #2 for “Someone #1.”

Happy guessing– or telepathy, or whatever other assett you plan on using!

I had better think of a prize.  Prizes make things more fun!

Say Cheese!

Okay… I need to breathe… you know how it feels when surprises come out of the clear blue air?! One of those “clear blue air” things happened!  My oh my!

Are you guessing yet?  Do you like Guessing Games?

Okay, let’s play!

I received an email response from one of my endorsement requests that, to be very honest, tickles me. “Someone’s” manager asked me to call when I “get the chance.” I found the chance as soon as I could. On the other end of the phone, I found the warmest, most caring man who told me that he has been “Someone’s” manager for twenty-three years. And then… he told me that “Someone” is going to endorse my book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know who “Someone” is?

I will give you a clue.


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