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Larry Ate a Bag of Hershey Kisses

Happy Holidays everyone! Are there wrapping paper, tape, scissors, ribbon, bows, cookies, candy, Hershey Kisses everywhere? 

Yikes, we had near disaster tonight in our Christmas/pet chaos. It’s been raining for four days, and our dog Larry has been spending time inside with us during the day rather than his usual outdoor spot. Snowie, our Miss Princess pure white kitty, HATES the rain and climbs screens and screams incessantly until someone lets her in. Well, the laundry room is her usual spot at night, but during the day– especially with my brothers home– the washer and dryer are constantly running. Snowie HATES to be in the laundry room with the equipment running. So, here we have two animals indoors with us for days who are usually outside… and then I will add to the chaos…

Our other cat, Miss Smooth, Calm, Cool and Collected at all Times, Oreo, has been missing for nearly three days. She can’t stand to come in at night because she has to sleep in the laundry room with Snowie. It’s been raining hard and all of our family had become concerned about Oreo by today.

Guess who showed up?

Oreo. Who knows where she’s been? She’s pretty plump, not skinny like I thought she’d be. Maybe she was out eating baby frogs– yuck– she likes to eat baby frogs and I can hear a whole bunch of them “Ribbiting” out there.

Anyway, Oreo shows up and my mom sees her through the laundry room window. She takes the laundry, dumps it on her bed, and goes outside to check on Oreo, to be sure she was okay.

In the meantime, Larry spied the door my mom had momentarily left open to check on Oreo. Larry had a wonderful time with the shopping bags on my mom’s floor and had no problem in locating the one with the Hershey Kisses in no time flat.

Larry devoured half a bag– also in no time flat– before my mom discovered the scene of Larry with his nose in the bag gobbling. She scared the living daylights out of me with her scream!

The report from the Emergency Vet:

According to the amount of chocolate that Larry ingested, he will have a “mild” reaction.


Rain and pet chaos. Anyone else have a good story?

Larry and Oreo Curled up together in his Bed

Snowy and Oreo

On my tenth birthday, my parents had my brothers and I pile into the car and we headed north. I remember wondering where we were going, and when we passed by the beach and kept going toward San Luis Obispo, they really threw me for a loop. I had no idea what was happening.

Even when we pulled up in front of Woods Humane Society, I couldn’t imagine where we were or what we were doing there. It wasn’t until we walked into the building that I realized I was going to get to pick out two kittens to take home with me! There were quite a few kittens to choose from and one immediately caught my attention. She was mostly black with white paws and a white belly. I call her Oreo because she has a belly that looks like it is creme filling:)

I looked around more and found a pure white kitty. I named this kitty Snowy– for obvious reasons! At first, these two “sisters” slept curled up together, but as they have grown older, they have each developed their own unique personalities and they don’t do any more cuddling. Oreo is calm, cool, quite suave, and loves staying out all night. Snowy is loud (her meows at the door are deafening,) crabby, and cute– what a combo, huh?! She guards the food bowl and chases Oreo off. If she sees that Oreo has come inside, she becomes crazy jealous and bites Oreo’s tail when she comes back outside.

One thing that Oreo and Snowy both have in common is that they both love our dog, Larry. Snowy, when she sees Larry, will gurgle some wild, drawn-out sound, run to Larry and jam her head next to his. Oreo purrs when she sees him, licks his head and rubs her head against his. Pets can be so entertaining. I could watch Snowy’s antics all day long. She certainly has issues!

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Love this!

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