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World Cancer Day… “Clouds”… and Freedom

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As human beings, we are endowed with freedom of choice, and we cannot shuffle off our responsibility upon the shoulders of God or nature. We must shoulder it ourselves. It is our responsibility. 
~Arnold J. Toynbee



My emotions drift from one place to another on this day we call World Cancer Day. My first emotion is “Goodness Gracious” (honestly, words a lot stronger than that!) There is a killer loose and wild on our Earth who strikes everywhere at once—one who leaves a trail of destruction like no other disease here on the globe we call home.  Until we trap, capture, and disable the enemy named cancer, we cannot truly be free. The People Shells we embody on Earth will forever be threatened, and perhaps even worse, our loved ones’ bodies will be threatened.

Adults do have some degree of control over preventing certain types of cancer, but for children, there is no known cause.  In my case, I ate vegetables grown organically from our garden from the time I was born, which makes me skeptical of those who are quick to suggest that the cause for childhood cancer is diet.  My hunches are that the causes are more tied to environmental and genetic factors, but hunches are just that, hunches.

Research, research, research.

I will say it again, research.

People often-times create New Year’s Resolutions; I would like to suggest we create a resolution and renew it yearly on World Cancer Day.  If each of us finds even one thing we can do, one thing we can sacrifice, to bring “peace” to the People Shells of our world, imagine.

… imagine our world without cancer.

Zach Sobeich is fighting a cancer that has no more treatment options.  This beautiful song, “Clouds,”  is his love-gift to the world. Let’s share it widely– with great hope Zach’s music will inspire our world to be a safer place where we can live without fear.


Please sacrifice, give to cancer research, support patients in their fight, and believe our efforts will lead to the extinction of cancer.


Bye Bye World Cancer Day…

Thank you Zach, for your inspiration and beauty in our world. 

People Shells

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you dearly loved hearts with People Shells around you. That’s really what you are you know. At least that is how I see you… or should I say, feel you?

What I never expected, never anticipated, about this “sharing” journey I have embarked upon, is the joy I have found in meeting and getting to know all of you. The fruit of the joy– deep, caring friendships with people I never would have met. Our lives would never have intersected, and my life would be less rich, and my heart would be less full.

Many of the people I speak of are people I have never met face to face.

Now Melinda, how can you possibly love people you have never met?

I believe in People Shells.

I don’t need to see your People Shell to love you.

Your hearts come through boldly and brilliantly through your words of love, kindness and encouragement. Your compassion for your fellow humans sparkles in your actions that are evident to all around you.

I am blessed… so very blessed by your hearts.

The love I receive from each of you is precious to me. I will not ever waste it.

I’m gonna recycle it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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