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Beams of Light to Heaven

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

I believe with all my heart in the power of prayer. This doesn’t mean that I believe that God will grant each and every request from my lips, but it does mean that I know He hears us when we pray. His answer is not always the one I am hoping for, but I trust Him completely with my life. I believe prayer “prepares fertile ground” for miracles to happen.

The World of Childhood Cancer is filled with prayers. I remember when I was extremely ill how grateful I was for prayer. This will sound strange, but I could actually physically feel people’s prayers for me. It was not only a mental and emotional sensation, but it was truly physical as well.

I read something that someone wrote about her near-death experience. She explained that while she was technically “dead,” she saw colorful rays of light beaming up from the Earth to the heavens. The colorful rays of light were prayers on their way to God.

Let’s send beams of colorful rays to the heavens for the childhood cancer warriors who are fighting the fight of their lives:








And prayers for each one… all 40,000+…

Bless you for your Beams of Light to Heaven

Please Pray for Kate

Diana and The Chevron Station

For those of you who have read Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery, you may remember a story that took place at our local Chevron Station. Mom and I were on our way to the Cancer Center in Santa Barbara, filling up the car for our daily radiation treatment journeys, when a woman came over to our car. Mom was busy scrubbing the windshield when “Diana” approached her and asked if she could  pray for me. At the time, I was completely bald– not even one wisp of hair dangling from my scalp. Diana proceeded to pray one of the most heartfelt, meaningful prayers I have ever heard in my entire life. With tears flowing down our cheeks as our silver Tundra sped down the freeway on ramp, we then noticed something else… 

Giggle, giggle… have to read Grace!

This moment in time is something I will never forget. And now, I have a brilliant memory to add to this one. One of the girls I dance with on the Nipomo High School Dance Company asked me yesterday, “Do you remember the woman who prayed for you at the gas station?”

“Yes… ” I replied.

“Well, she’s my mom,” she announced.


Oh this is so great, so amazing, so incredible! I believe I am going to have the opportunity to wrap my arms around Diana and thank her for reaching out to me with her loving heart. Wish you could see me smiling now:):):)

I love that there are “Dianas” in this world of ours who teach us to not be afraid to share our love and faith with everyone. I am grateful– so grateful– that Diana gave me the gift of her divine prayer that day.

This appreciation in me will last my lifetime.



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