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San Antonio Loves Their Children

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

When Mom and I started out on our Hope Tour, we were excited about all of the unknowns we would be surprised with as we travel. First thing this morning, we walked from our San Antonio hotel to Christus Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital. On our way, we were delighted with a great surprise. Walking in front of us was a man with earphones that had to be playing, “Tell The World That Jesus Lives,” because he was singing it at the top of his lungs so everyone could hear. He was punching his arm in the air and loving life.

Yes. This man blessed our day with his faith; he sang with his whole heart, and it made no difference that it was off key!

The blessings continued as we met the Child Life Specialist, Jennifer, and saw the wonderful hospital. They have an amazing library with a lot of books for the kids and they even have computers in the library so families can stay in touch with loved ones by email. Another favorite part of the hospital was “The Cow.”  All of their Hem/Onc patients placed their handprints on The Cow. I don’t think the impact of that will ever go away. Even their emergency room was decorated with bright, lively colors and decorations that would make any sick child feel better in some way. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to see what San Antonio has done for their children. They must love them a lot! And Jennifer, I am very, very happy to meet you!

Jennifer and the Hem/Onc Cow with Precious Handprints

Before we took off for Houston, we walked to The Alamo. (Told you I didn’t think we could leave San Antonio without going!) Some people say that it’s just some old buildings, but there is so much more if you stop to feel and not just look. What I will remember is the room where the women and children survived as The Alamo fell. I looked into that room, and it wasn’t just an old room in an old building. Real people who lived and loved and died left a big impression on me today.

I made a couple of friends at the Alamo


To top off our day today, we met a very special man and his wife. Many of you know this lovable man from the videos he so carefully, kindly, and compassionately puts together for children fighting cancer. We met John Gavin and his wife, Linda! I will share with you that John is even more lovable in person, and Linda is just the same. What a beautiful gift John has given to many of us; I am grateful for his heart for children.

Mr. John Gavin and his wife Linda with hearts bigger than the size of Texas!

Tomorrow morning, we are off to Texas Children’s Hospital and MD Anderson…



HugoHopeMobile will be buzzing around Houston tomorrow!

Happy Father’s Day from San Antonio, Texas

Grace: A Child's Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Greetings from San Antonio!

Happy Father’s Day to each father! I need to send deep love today to fathers who have lost their children; I am so sorry for how difficult and painful this day must be. I realize there are no words of comfort; I want you to know how much I truly care and how hard I will fight to stop childhood cancer.

I was so happy last night to be able to see my Aunt Phyllis! My Aunt Phyllis and I were what I called “chemo buddies,” because we went through cancer treatments at the same time. She is very special to me! Lou and Aunt Phyllis traveled from their home in Las Cruces to our hotel in El Paso so we could have some wonderful time together. Thank you, Aunt P and Lou!


Today, Mom and I traveled  from El Paso to San Antonio—road warriors that we are— even driving between a raging fire on both sides of I-10. The westbound side of the freeway was completely shut down, but the eastbound side (that would be us in Hugo HopeMobile) was bumper to bumper traffic for miles as we crawled through the smokey chaos.

Thankfully, we are in San Antonio tonight. I can see the beautifully lit rotunda and American flag flying outside of our hotel window. We walked down by The RiverWalk tonight. It’s very pretty! One thing I find hysterical are the boats that travel down the river—just like the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland!

Tomorrow morning, we will go to Christus Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital before we head for Houston. Something tells me we cannot leave San Antonio before visiting The Alamo…

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