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Wendy Robards and Reading for a Cure

Wendy Robards first captured my attention when I found out about her Reading for a Cure. 


What an amazing, incredible, super-awesome idea for her to create, combining her love for books and reading and her love for children. This, my friends, is a golden opportunity for book lovers to help wipe childhood cancer off the face of this planet. I can see you twisting your face and raising your eyebrows. It may seem like as if you are not doing much, like you are a teeny-tiny drop of water in an arid desert. What is really happening is that there are a bunch of “drops” and pretty soon those drops will form a pond, and then a river, and then an ocean of help for children.

I will remind you once again: Cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease in children.

If this is true, why is there so little funding for childhood cancer research? This sickens me to say this, and it just about kills me to think it, but it boils down to profit for the companies who make the cancer drugs.


Unacceptable. Children are suffering. Children are dying. Families are ripped up with grief. My mission keeps calling me to action.

Can I share one more thing about Wendy?

Wendy read Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery, and she wrote a heartfelt, beautiful review:


Wendy, when I get the chance to meet you, I just know that you will have angel wings:)

Wendy Robards, The Tribune, and ARCs

Bunches of Advance Reader’s Copies of Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery were sent last week, and there are more ready to be mailed this week. I heard back from Wendy Robards, awesome book reviewer and even more awesome dog lover! (Do you know anyone else who loves dogs?!) She even shared a photo of Raven with me, and I think I sent her a photo of Rowan and I, or maybe Echo. Anyway, Wendy wrote a couple of posts about my book, and she will review it in September when Grace gets closer to “her” publication date.

Links to Wendy:

Sunday Salon post

Mailbox Monday post

This was my last full day of school for my sophomore year– I am ready to rest my brain a bit. It feels like some jiggly and weary jello up in the ol’  cabeza! Also, I am so excited to have more time to devote to sharing Grace.

Today I signed a print rider to order final copies of Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery. Any guesses on how many books are being printing for this first printing? Just after I signed, we received an email from our local paper, The Tribune. I am grateful for this opportunity to share. When we share those rough roads we have driven down with others, it always seems to help. That is what I really, really want to do. 

Rowan Giving me Therapy

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