A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

My mom smiles as I squeal when a new endorsement comes in 🙂  There are three things I would love to blurt out, but I have found that there is a certain etiquette to this book endorsement gathering process.  “Someone #1” is reading Chapter 8 right now– his manager requested more, and already promised an endorsement.  And then there is that “Someone #2” who I have received the endorsement from, but I need to get her management a release before I “release.”  And then, there is “Someone #3,” who I have yet to tell you about!  This “Someone #3” is part of an organization that has already told me they would be “thrilled” to endorse my book, but a testimonial from this “Someone #3,” who is associated with this organization, would be simply amazing

I am really, really, incredibly excited that Greenleaf has begun the cover design process for Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery!  I know what the “theme” of the cover will be, and I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to view the cover designs to choose from.

Do you know that Roger Daltry of The Who started Teenage Cancer Trust?  How inspiring it is to know that he has a heart for kids.  I am going to add him to my Golden List of “Heroes for Kids” right alongside Jeff Foxworthy.  Thanks so much for caring, you have no idea what it means…

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