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There hasn’t been a correct guess yet for “Someone #1” or “Someone #2.”  I have had some very thoughtful ideas, but no bullseye yet.  Do you need Clue #2 for “Someone #2?”

First I want to tell you that all weekend, I have been thinking of Dr. Josh at his computer.  I wonder how it is going?  Do you think he is enjoying writing the Forword for Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery?  I am so excited to see what he will write!  Dr. Josh has a great sense of humor, even donning a cardboard crown for my end of hospital chemo party.  What a guy.  You know, looking back, I realize even more how much his kind and caring ways helped me express joy that day that I needed to let out.  Being my “substitute” doctor, he could have stayed aloof and indifferent.  But he chose to give me joy by participating in my silly party games, and by wearing silly props. 

Silliness rocks.  I love silliness. 

Thank you Dr. Josh… for subbing, for silliness, and for your kind gift to me and the rest by writing the Forword.

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