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Cover Design Comps!

Today is the day that the cover design comps for Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey through Cancer and Recovery arrived from Sheila at Greenleaf!  Yes, yes, yes, I am excited!  She has given me a variety to consider, and I am happy I have a little time to consider each one.  Has it been difficult for you authors out there to choose, when it comes time to decide on your cover?  What things do you consider when choosing?  Is universal appeal a good thing, or would you narrow your images more specifically to your subject matter?  I guess that my “subject matter” covers quite the broad spectrum, so perhaps “universal” is good?

I had tricky ideas yesterday for April Fools Day, but I decided that it was best if I went easy on you.  Another deciding factor, sometimes the April Fooler turns into the April Foolee… just was not up for playing the part of being the April Foolee!

Tell me, tell me, what makes you like a book cover?  Decisions, decisions.  Fun decisions!

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