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Publication Day for Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Today is not just like any other day. Sprinkled throughout my normal activities of the day were spurts. You know what I’m talking about! I went to school today like any other weekday, and I went to dance today, like every day of the week, but one– but there were moments when Grace popped into my mind and the spurts gushed forth. They were quite robust I might add:)

I think back to those scribbles in my spiral notebooks that I began just to be able to write. I have always loved writing. Writing was healing to me at that time, and I began filling those notebooks. 

As I was asked to speak and share my story more and more, I realized my story could help people. My mom, God bless her, began typing the 90,000 words that filled those spiral notebooks. I love you Mom… this day would not be without you.

And Matt… there really aren’t any words, so I will say, “Thank you. I will pass it on.”

And Greenleaf Book Group… Hobbs, and Bryan, and Sheila, and Linda, and Jenn, and Kristen, and Katelynn… and Clint:)…  you guys are the best. It has been an honor and a true blessing to work with you.

 And God…  thank you for this blessing of my life. Thank you for this opportunity to share the firsthand voice of what a child with cancer experiences. Thank you for the blessings for your dearly loved children that I know You have planned.

 I love you!

Greenleaf Book Group and Grace

I am a researcher. Before launching myself into this book-creating process, I learned as much as I could about many aspects of publishing. There are so many options that it can be overwhelming trying to sort everything out in order to make good decisions. I am extremely fortunate to have had a mentor named Matt who placed many options in front of me that I could investigate. He never told me what he thought would be best for me and my book, but instead he described the options with the pros and cons. I cannot say how much I appreciate what he has done.

It’s funny that many people think that they have to tell someone what to do in order to be helpful. Actually, I prefer the “Matt Method,” because everyone is different. What I want for my book will be different from what you want (okay, we all want “best-sellers”!!!!!!!) 

As I hold one of the very first books of mine– hot off the press– I can’t help feeling gratitude. I am grateful to God for my life! I am grateful to my mom for typing over 90,000 words that compose my book. I am grateful to Matt for lighting the Greenleaf Option. I am grateful to Greenleaf Book  Group for allowing me to work alongside their incredibly talented, caring, and fun folks to make Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery just how I wanted it. I am grateful to Gramma and Poppy for their love and support for my project that was born straight from my heart. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my heart with readers.

Grace is in my hands right now, but it feels like “she” will always remain in my heart.

Grace is at the Printer!

Yesterday, Sheila “bulletproofed” the final files for Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery and Bryan sent the files off to the printer. Oh my gosh– I am so excited to see a final copy!

In January, we began speaking with Greenleaf Book Group about designing and distributing the second edition of my book, and on February 15, I turned in my manuscript. Four months later, Grace is now created and ready for her formation into final printed book form. I love Sheila’s cover design, and I cannot wait to see the features, like the silver foil that spells out Grace!

I love Sheila’s balloon design, and I really love the “Happy Quails!”

What I desire most of all is for my words to reach people’s hearts. I am very grateful to Sheila for her cover design that will make people smile. She has been amazing in helping me reach people before they even read one of my written words.

Thank you Sheila!

Grace Final File Approval and Summertime!

WooooooooHooooooooo! What could be more exciting than summer beginning and Grace nearly ready to send to the printing press? After a few minor edits, Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery will be complete. Seriously????? Complete?????

Let’s see, today is Flag Day, June 14th. I began writing my book in February of 2009. After one year and four months, over 90,000 words, and countless hours of effort to put it all together, my second edition of Grace is fully formed, lovingly created, and so close to being ready to share that I can almost hear that printing press rattling.

Perhaps tomorrow I will declare the day, “Balloon Day,” tape a balloon to my head (ouchy on the hair,) dance a major happy-dance, and sing a made-up song about gleeful authors completing their labors of love. Yes, what a celebration it is to complete an enormous project! Since my project comes straight from the depths of my heart, I believe that a Paul Bunyan-size celebration is absolutely appropriate, and entirely necessary.


Completion and Summertime… Life is precious. 

Grace is Going to Paris!

Giggle Giggle. I will not name any names because I respect the privacy of these kind people, but I have to tell you that there will be two Advance Reader Copies of Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery on a plane to Paris this Friday. Gracie-poo in Paris! Now I really feel how writing a book is like birthing a child– I feel like I  am going to Paris because I am so excited for Grace to go!

What is even more wonderful than Grace in Paris is that I have found a friendship in corresponding with these people that delights me so much I feel I am glowing in the dark. You know what I am talking about– when people gush love and kindness, it feels like sunshine inside of me. Grace is going to Paris with “Sunshine!”

For more news that excites me, my sophomore year of high school will end in two days…


Grace  showed up on Greenleaf’s website today:)

One more thing that is most important of all. I know a teenager named Logan who will be having surgery tomorrow for throat cancer and I would love to have anyone and everyone who believes in prayer to offer one or two or three or… for Logan.

Thanks for your love, for your care, and for your prayers.

ARC Cover Copy for Grace is Here!

Raising baby Grace has entered a beautiful new phase.  She has a cover!  Right here and now I want to thank Sheila at Greenleaf for her awesome design!  I will admit to all of you that when I first saw this cover option, I laughed right out loud.  It is so me.  Now that could be good for some, hmm… hopefully all!  And I hope it will make you giggle a bit too:)

And guess what else arrived today?  ARC pdf… and I haven’t even checked it out yet!

I scurried straight from school today to the DMV to get my driver’s permit.  I passed my written test (I admit I had to study for so many tests last night that my driver permit test took the lowest priority!) and I am off to dance now, rehearsing for our San Luis Jazz show in May. 

Can’t wait to get home to see the Advance Reader Copy of Grace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Church for Life, Greenleaf Book Group, and Great America Dance Performance

Hi, hi, hi!

I have been just a little tiny bit busy:)  On Saturday, I traveled to Santa Clara, to perform with San Luis Jazz at Great America.  I had never been there before, and it reminded me of Disneyland without the characters.  I love performing, and I love the dancers who I perform with, so it was a great day!

And the weekend continued to get even better when I had the opportunity to share what God has done in my life at Church for Life in Santa Maria.  I still feel filled with bunches of God’s love.  Don’t you just love that?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And today… today…  my mom got an awesome phone call from Greenleaf.  My book, Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery  will now be distributed by Greenleaf Book Group.  It’s kind of like when you expect a normal hotel room, and you get upgraded to The Penthouse!  I am excited, excited, excited!!!!!!!!!!

Cover Design Comps!

Today is the day that the cover design comps for Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey through Cancer and Recovery arrived from Sheila at Greenleaf!  Yes, yes, yes, I am excited!  She has given me a variety to consider, and I am happy I have a little time to consider each one.  Has it been difficult for you authors out there to choose, when it comes time to decide on your cover?  What things do you consider when choosing?  Is universal appeal a good thing, or would you narrow your images more specifically to your subject matter?  I guess that my “subject matter” covers quite the broad spectrum, so perhaps “universal” is good?

I had tricky ideas yesterday for April Fools Day, but I decided that it was best if I went easy on you.  Another deciding factor, sometimes the April Fooler turns into the April Foolee… just was not up for playing the part of being the April Foolee!

Tell me, tell me, what makes you like a book cover?  Decisions, decisions.  Fun decisions!

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