A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

Raising baby Grace has entered a beautiful new phase.  She has a cover!  Right here and now I want to thank Sheila at Greenleaf for her awesome design!  I will admit to all of you that when I first saw this cover option, I laughed right out loud.  It is so me.  Now that could be good for some, hmm… hopefully all!  And I hope it will make you giggle a bit too:)

And guess what else arrived today?  ARC pdf… and I haven’t even checked it out yet!

I scurried straight from school today to the DMV to get my driver’s permit.  I passed my written test (I admit I had to study for so many tests last night that my driver permit test took the lowest priority!) and I am off to dance now, rehearsing for our San Luis Jazz show in May. 

Can’t wait to get home to see the Advance Reader Copy of Grace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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