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Larry is Nine!

Boom, Kaboom…. Crash, Bang, Boom!

Yesterday, Larry turned nine years old. I will never, ever forget the day my mom brought him home to us. He was only 7 weeks old; he had a big, pink belly, and his ears were bigger than his body. He loved snuggling in his blankets then, and he hasn’t lost the joy of being wrapped in soft blankets to this day. This love of snuggling in blankets helped him through the trauma of fireworks on July 4th.

Each year, when Independence Day rolls around, poor Larry comes unglued when the fireworks begin popping. This year, we wrapped a blanket over his head (covering those huge ears) and he remained calm, cool and collected the entire evening. Somehow we cannot bring ourselves to sedate him with substances, so this “natural” form of sedation is a beautiful find!

Larry came to bed last night in my room, as he always does, with a belly full of his once-a-year ice cream treat. He knew it was a special day. We awakened to thunder and lightning at 4 AM. Poor Larry shook and shook. I don’t know which he dislikes more– fireworks or thunder and lightning!

For all of you who love dogs, I will add this article to my story:)


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