A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

Are you familiar with Matthew Zachary? How about “I’m Too Young for This?” I have to tell you that they are doing one amazing job of giving everything they have to help young people (15-40) with cancer. Now, they are working together with other organizations, like LIVESTRONG, to create an International Charter of Rights for young people with cancer. Young people face many different challenges when confronted with cancer than those who are older.

For one… it takes much longer for young people to get a diagnosis and many times, we are misdiagnosed. Very unfortunately, as most everyone knows, this means that their cancer spreads further. I can personally connect with this. It took nearly four months of going to the doctor every week (and having her look at my mom and I like we were out of our ever-loving minds!) and my mom had to stand her ground and demand tests before I finally received my diagnosis. Four months. Four months!

Imagine how much cancer can spread in four months!

In the meantime, I was slowly suffocating. I realize this is not my doctor’s fault.

And I am not the only one. I care about the others.

Here comes the easy part…  this will only take a moment to show your care.

Please sign the charter. You may save someone’s life. 

Thank you i2y Stupid Cancer, Teenage Cancer Trust, CanTeen, LIVESTRONG,  and SeventyK.!

I love my life!


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