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What does Melinda have to say today about Dr. Maya Angelou?

Yes, I have posted before about Dr. Angelou. I have great admiration for her writing, and even more admiration for the person she is. I love to hear her recite her own work. For these reasons, and more, I used one of her quotes in my book. (Not going to tell you which one– hee hee!) 

Since I used one of her quotes, I felt that the very least I could do would be to send her a copy of Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery.

Guess what? Dr. Maya Angelou sent me a beautiful thank you note. I am so happy to know that she received it, and this kind expression of gratitude makes me think even more of her. Isn’t it inspiring to communicate with people who have integrity and class?! I imagine that Dr. Angelou receives many gifts, but she takes the time to show her gratitude.

Sadly, writing thank you cards is becoming a lost art. Speaking of arts…

Do you ever watch “So You Think You Can Dance?” I’m sure this will come as a big surprise– I love the show! This weekend, I will travel to Los Angeles to dance my little feet and heart out for three days at PULSE on Tour. There is an incredible organization called Children’s Cancer Recovery that has given me a scholarship to attend and I am so excited, I feel that I just may pop!  Mia Michaels is one of the choreographers I will be learning from. Oh my gosh!

Remembering all of those days where I was too sick to dance makes me grateful on top of grateful that I can attend PULSE–and most of all– grateful that my body will let me dance!

DANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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