A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

Just giving you a heads up… September is upon us. My school started a couple of weeks ago, and my brothers both left for college. I miss them already.

So now, my friends, what does Childhood Cancer Awareness Month mean to you? Have you ever known a child with cancer? Have you ever known a family who has a child with cancer? I know it’s not pretty, and I know it probably breaks your heart to think of it. It sure breaks my heart to know many children who are fighting right now. These kids are filled with love and hope and they are brave– filling everyone around them with joy.

I am asking you to join me this month and please choose one thing that you can do to show you care. Each time I post this month, I will give you at least one suggestion, one opportunity. Today, I will begin with the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation. www.teddybearcancerfoundation.org. This incredible foundation helped save my life. They help families with hotel room vouchers when they need to stay near the hospital, they help families pay bills… most of the time, one parent must quit work to be with their sick child, and they even help families with funeral costs. There are so many wonderful things that they do to help families… there is no way I can name everything here. Maybe you would like to send a check, or maybe you would like to offer something amazing for their silent auction at the October luncheon fundraiser.

No gift is ever too small when it comes from the heart.

I love your hearts:)

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