A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

Hugs and More Hugs

Today I am offering another suggestion for what you might do to observe National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This suggestion is one that does not cost even a dime. You will need two arms that you can wrap around a child, and just a bit of your time. It’s time to hug that child with cancer, or that mom who is caring for her child with cancer, or for that dad who is trying to be so strong.

This may be hard to understand… a child who is seriously ill treasures the smallest of gifts– “small” to you, but HUGE in their life. To be very honest with you, one of the things I was most thankful for when I was sick was just having someone be with me. They didn’t need to say a word, just be. Somehow I felt incredibly loved when anyone would sit with me. When I was semi-permanently plunked for hours, days, and weeks, it was a brilliant treasure when someone cared enough to spend time with me amid all of my physical, emotional, and psychological problems.

When you are a complete mess and someone still wants to be with you, and still wants to love you and hug you, what a miracle happens in your soul!

Give away those free gifts… giving may feel even better than receiving them!

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