A Childhood Cancer Survivor Blogging about the World of Childhood Cancer

My friends, today I have another “free” opportunity to show how much you care about improving the lives of children with cancer.


Also, have you ever wondered how much you really do know about childhood cancer? Have you ever wondered how much you don’t know?  There is a short survey to help you:


There may be some surprises for you. I will admit there was a big surprise for me. I was shocked to learn what a  pitifully tiny amount that the American Cancer Society contributes for childhood cancer. Hmmmmm…. I may have to work on them to create a “Childhood Branch.” I mean, kids are “Americans” too!

Does it appear to you that I am on a mission? Yes, I am certainly on a mission! There is no way I can sit back and do nothing… I truly love the children. They need us!

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